Advisory group members

Independent Chair

Justin Giddings

Justin is the Independent Chair of the Community Advisory Group and brings with him a wealth of experience on advisory boards and committees, including the Committee for Geelong. As the CEO of Avalon Airport Australia Pty Ltd and a Lara local, Justin has a deep knowledge of the region and community.

Starting out as an engineer, Justin has more than 20 years’ experience in aviation. He has significant international business experience with the ability to work closely with a wide range of stakeholders with diverse needs and priorities.


Marisa Berton

Marisa is a local Wyndham business owner and resident with extensive experience in architecture, urban design and town planning.

Marisa has been actively involved in the Wyndham community for more than 20 years and is currently Vice President of Rate Payers of Werribee South Inc. She is involved with a number of other community groups and committees including Wyndham City’s Rural District Advisory Committee.

Marisa has extensive networks in the Wyndham community and has experience advocating to local and state governments and planning authorities.

Lisa Heinrichs

Lisa has lived in Wyndham for 40 years and is known for her contribution to the local community through advocacy and volunteering. Lisa has strong links to a large and diverse cross-section of the Wyndham community, from residents through to community groups and leaders, business and Council.

Lisa’s extensive local network and understanding of local issues was demonstrated through her role as Chair of the Speak Out Wyndham campaign.

Les Sanderson

Les Sanderson is heavily involved in the Little River community and grew up in Little River.
He has built very strong relationships within the Little River community and has demonstrated deep knowledge of the community.

Les is a member of the Wyndham City Rural District Advisory Board which aims to bridge the communication gap between Council and the local community.

Les was awarded the Little River Lions Club Community Award in 2016, is a life member and past Secretary and Treasurer of the of the Little River Youth Club.

Les is the Secretary and Treasurer of the Little River Mechanics Institute & Free Library Inc. and is a trustee of the Rothwell Cemetery Trust.

Les is also the President of the Little River Historical Society Inc.

Barbara McLure

Barbara is the CEO of the Committee for Wyndham. The Committee brings together influential businesses, community organisations, government and individuals to work together to promote and enhance the social, environmental, economic and cultural wellbeing of the broader Wyndham community.

As CEO for the Committee for Wyndham, Barbara represents the interests of members and the wider Wyndham community and has an extensive network of individuals, businesses and other organisations in the local area.

Martin Allison

Inspector Allison is the Local Area Commander of the Wyndham Police Service Area, in the Victoria Police North West Metropolitan area. He has more than 36 years’ experience in policing.

As the most senior police officer in Wyndham, Inspector Allison has a strong understanding of the local community. Inspector Allison has well-established networks across a number of sectors and a particular passion for working with young people, council and community and government partners to address youth offending.

Peter Maynard

Iramoo Ward Councillor Peter Maynard was first elected to Council in 2012 and was Wyndham’s Mayor in 2014–15. Councillor Maynard is Council’s Sports Development portfolio holder and is also Council’s delegated representative on a number of internal and external advisory committees, including LeadWest Ltd.

Susan McIntyre

Harrison Ward Councillor, Susan McIntyre was first elected to Council in 2020 and is in her first term. Councillor McIntyre is the Community Safety Portfolio holder and is also the Council’s designated representative on a number of internal and external committees including the Audit and Risk Committee and the Road Safe Westgate Community Road Safety Council.

Mia Shaw

Iramoo Ward Councillor Mia Shaw is serving her second term on Council and served as Mayor in 2018-19. Cr Shaw is Council's Future Focused Economy portfolio holder, with a focus on the attraction of new industries to Wyndham, and the development of business and employment opportunities in the municipality.