Projects in progress


Projects completed

$80.7 million

Total investment from Victorian Government and other contributors

We're working closely with Life Saving Victoria (LSV) and local clubs to support the delivery of new clubhouses, supporting their critical role in keeping beachgoers safe. 

We're helping to improve lifesaving facility design and functionality with LSV, local government, coastal managers and key stakeholders.

Delivering these new fit-for-purpose facilities will support LSV and volunteers in their mission to prevent death and injury through water safety, resuscitation and safe aquatic environments. 

The facilities are also designed and constructed to stand the test of time - aesthetically, structurally and environmentally. 

Life Saving Facility of the Future

View LSV's guide to redevelopment and facility design for lifesaving facilities - aiming to ensure a sustainable and vibrant lifesaving club, and active membership now and into the future.