CSBA is one of Victoria’s largest public construction agencies, with $2.1 billion of projects currently underway. With projects of this scope and scale, we have a significant opportunity to benefit the wider community through how we work with our partners in design and construction.

CSBA’s projects are major generators of employment, creating thousands of jobs in construction and supporting industries, and enabling the creation of thousands more ongoing jobs once facilities are built.

To maximise the benefit of these jobs, we establish contracts with our partners that set targets and requirements for measures that benefit Victoria and Victorians.

Supporting local industry

At CSBA, we are intent on maximising the use of local industry and supporting its growth. 

As a Victorian Government agency, we operate under the Local Jobs First Act 2003, Australia's longest-standing industry participation legislation.

On the ground, we ensure that small and medium-sized enterprises are given a fair opportunity to contribute to our projects through the Victorian Industry Participation Policy, a part of the Act, and set targets to make the best use of locally sourced materials. 

As well as benefiting from the skills and expertise that local industry offers, our projects support thousands of jobs across the steel, engineering, construction and service delivery sectors.

Developing apprentices, trainees and cadets

At CSBA, we are dedicated to helping to sustain a strong vocational training culture in Victoria. We believe that it's important that workers starting out in the construction industry get the opportunity to build their expertise and work on some of the largest projects in the State’s history.

We aim to utilise apprentices, trainees, and cadets for at least 10 per cent of the labour hours on our projects, helping to grow the next generation of skilled workers in Victoria, wherever possible. 

This maximises the benefit to the Victorian community and ensures our vital construction industry can succeed well into the future through the sharing of knowledge.

Hear from Jaycob, a first year apprentice bricklayer working on our Chisholm Road project

Engagement of social enterprises 

As well as supporting local businesses and the workforce of tomorrow, we are also committed to supporting broader social and economic outcomes through social procurement.

Across our projects, CSBA engages social enterprises, disability enterprises as well as Aboriginal businesses and sets targets for minimum labour hours, workforce participation plans and partnerships with specialist agencies. 

Ensuring these groups have access to opportunities through CSBA’s projects broadens their economic and social impact. These positive impacts are multiplied through disadvantaged and vulnerable communities, and – perhaps most importantly – set precedents and expectations for the broader construction industry.

Hear from Ryan, an army veteran who has been able to find long term work at Chisholm Road