25 September, 2020

An expansion of the Malmsbury Youth Justice Precinct is delivering on the Victorian Government’s plan to build a modern, secure youth justice system that supports the rehabilitation of young people and keeps staff and the community safe.

The 32-bed expansion has been operational since mid-2020 and houses young people nearing the end of their sentence and transitioning out of custody.

In addition to the new beds, the expansion has provided extra education and program facilities; a secure double perimeter fence with a sterile zone; an expansion of the gatehouse; and landscaping around the perimeter, including more native trees.

The expansion of the Malmsbury Precinct has delivered benefits for the local community, including construction jobs, economic opportunities for local business to supply goods and services, and jobs in ongoing operations.

"The 32-bed expansion is designed to enhance safety and security at the precinct and deliver increased rehabilitative services for young people."

The expansion is an important part of the Government’s plan for a newly configured youth justice system, which will be complete when the new Cherry Creek Youth Justice Facility is opened in 2023.

The Victorian Budget 2017/18 invested $79.6 million to provide an additional 68 beds across the two Youth Justice custodial precincts, including 32 new beds at Malmsbury, and the Victorian Budget 2018/19 provided $73 million over four years to staff the expansions and operate the new beds.


The new maximum security prison will be built in the Barwon South West Region in the outer-Geelong suburb of Lara, in the vicinity of the existing prison precinct which includes Barwon Prison and Marngoneet Correctional Centre.