At CSBA, the safety of contractors, our workers and the public is our number one priority.

Construction sites are busy places where contractors often work close to one another, carrying out tasks that can be physically demanding and require high levels of concentration. Risks can arise from issues surrounding traffic management, heavy machinery and equipment, as well as public safety in more urban settings. More recently safety considerations have also come to include coronavirus (COVID-19). 

We understand that we're delivering a significant and diverse infrastructure program that carries inevitable risks. Our dedicated safety team approach these risks as opportunities and implement better working practices across our portfolio and embed a culture of safety across our organisation. 

Our 'active client' agenda is a proactive and informed approach to project delivery through a health and safety lens

Active client

Our 'active client' agenda builds on work done by the Victorian Government’s Major Transport Infrastructure Authority (MTIA). As a safety model, it incorporates support, collaboration, open discussions, and monitoring, and is seen as leading the way in the safe delivery of major infrastructure projects. 

We see safety as a shared goal that we achieve in collaboration with contractors across our sites, throughout a project's life cycle. We engage and appoint well-qualified contractors and, during delivery, monitor and seek assurance that works are being undertaken safely through regular site visits and clear communication. We are quick to follow up on any issues we identify and incidents when they occur.

We use our position to achieve positive safety outcomes in a proactive and informed way while respecting that there are safety matters which are properly the responsibility of the parties performing or overseeing the physical works on site. 

Building knowledge and capability

CSBA uses its position to influence delivery partners to implement improvements to site practices and processes and ensure that health and safety receive greater focus.

By working in this way, we share knowledge of the risks and hazards across our infrastructure program and build internal health and safety capability. To strengthen this, CSBA staff are encouraged to upskill and take ownership of health and safety matters where they can.

This way of working is beneficial to everyone. Safer projects are more successful, more likely to be on time and budget, and safer organisations are more efficient and effective.